My research is based on the conviction that ethical analysis can help us untangle some of the messiest, and most important problems in human life. Specifically, I focus on questions of moral agency, self-regarding obligations, and ethical relationships under conditions of suffering, oppression, and mental disorders. I argue for an approach to ethics that recognizes the burdens these agents face yet which does not reduce them to mere victims. My current project at the Stockdale Center for Ethics involves diagnosing the moral damages of trauma and abuse and arguing that survivors have the self-regarding duty to care for themselves by morally repairing this damage.
◦ (2018) “Complicit Suffering and the Duty to Self-Care.” Philosophy, 93(2): 251- 277

◦ "Self-Injury, Shame, and Agency." Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology (forthcoming)

◦ "Self-Saboteurs and Ethical Relationships." Social Theory and Practice (forthcoming)
Articles Under Review

◦ “Sexist Harms of the American Wedding Industry”

Works in Progress
◦ “Repairing the Morally Burdened Self: Abuse, Trauma, and Moral Reeducation”
◦ “Narrative Identity, Psychopathology, and Bad Faith”